Work/Life Balance

The path to a “healthier you”

In today’s workplace, the pace and demands are ever increasing. With this continuous pressure, when does one find time in their busy life for health and overall well-being?

A healthy mind and body lead to a more productive and healthier “you” as a whole which, in turn, results in increased productivity due to mental clarity, increased energy, and reduced instances of sickness.

In reality, it is far more challenging to begin this path to a “healthier you” than to follow through and maintain this new lifestyle once you have started.

As your coach, I draw upon a vast array of experience including nearly 20 years in the corporate world, with the requisite 10+ hour days across global time zones, early mornings to late nights, triple booked meetings, lunch meetings, etc., and competitive sports time commitments as a former professional athlete. However, I always managed to incorporate health into my daily life. From the little everyday things to making healthy eating and exercise simply a “habit” – I made it happen and stuck with it. I will work with you in creative ways to help you achieve attainable and sustainable goals – allowing you to regenerate and remain focused.

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