Who Needs Coaching?

Some people are surprised to find out that industry leaders have used coaches not only to help them ascend to the top of their professions, but also help them to continuously improve on both professional and personal levels. Did you know that both Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey* have used coaches?


Often, people tend to think coaches are reserved for people searching for their true passion or transitioning to a new career; however, it is also common for successful executives and managers to turn to coaching to help them achieve even greater levels of success and personal fulfillment. Coaching is a “win-win” for employees and employers alike.


Maybe it is better to phrase the question as “Who wouldn’t benefit from coaching?”


Here are some more facts about coaching:


– Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), found that coaches in the office are becoming almost common place. In the survey of 250 UK companies, 80% said they were using or had used coaching, and another 9% were planning to do so.


– Chartered Institute of Personnel Development confirmed that even during the economic downturn coaching remained buoyant; 7 out 10 companies surveyed reported increasing or maintaining their commitment to coaching.


– The ILM study also found that 95% of companies who used coaching said it has benefited the individual as well as the organization.


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*source: cnn.com


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