Market Entry Strategies


Is your company looking for growth? Have you thought about reaching out to new markets? This tremendous opportunity can be intimidating due to the many questions and potential challenges associated with entering a new market. We have the experience to develop customized strategies to target and capitalize on the most attractive markets for your goods or services.


Our professionals bring over 25 years of experience working in international business specializing in consulting, coaching, project management, and sales and marketing. We have honed our cultural intelligence and business acumen over the years working with companies from across the globe, especially North American, European, Latin-American and Asian businesses. Having experience living and working internationally, we understand firsthand the importance of the nuances of different business climates and value of cultural considerations in successful partnerships. We are focused on providing value by listening to our clients’ needs and providing in-depth strategies and implementation plans along with insight that leverage existing competencies while capitalizing on market opportunities.


SGC experience and methodology will identify new market opportunities with our comprehensive plan encompassing a wide range of essential considerations such as:


·         Market size and segmentation

·         Forecasting

·         Competition

·         Consumer behavior

·         Channels and distributors

·         Barriers and Obstacles

·         Market roadmap development 


Latin American Markets

Need to create a channel to reach the US Market for your products from Mexico or other Latin American countries? Thinking of expanding your business into Mexico or beyond but are risk adverse due to the unknowns of entering and doing business in a foreign market? NAFTA has opened the door to a plethora of opportunities between the US and Mexico, and we invite you to apply to work with us to tailor a strategy specific to your needs and objectives.



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