Expatriate and Repatriate Coaching

Are you currently struggling with any of the following challenges?

–        Searching to find your identity within your new community or workplace

–        Experiencing difficulty making your new location feel like home

–        Feeling like a “trailing spouse”

–        Searching for a sense of community within your new host country

–        Feeling overwhelmed with planning your move

Have you recently moved to a new country or returned back to your home country after years abroad? Experiencing culture shock when moving to a new country can be just as common as for those returning to their native country after living abroad. Through my coaching program, I can help you with your adjustment in a new country and culture along with repatriating back to your home county – I've been there! Compassion and understanding are core to my unique approach of empowering transformational growth by embracing these challenging; yet rich, life-changing experiences.

Rediscovering Identity

Whether you are relocating to a foreign country or returning to your native country after time away, it is common to struggle with your identity amidst a new or different environment. Living abroad or returning home can be an inspirational time in your life – if you have the right tools. My coaching program can help enable you to transform challenges into life-changing moments that strengthen you as a person and professional.

Tools to Succeed Abroad

You may have never thought much about your identity until some of the familiar places, people, and activities you relate yourself with are unavailable. It can be frustrating to find your bearings, perform professionally, and maintain positive family relationships while under the stresses of relocation. A recent survey shows that the 5 most common reasons for unsuccessful expatriate assignments are: family stress, cultural inflexibility, emotional immaturity, physical breakdown, and responsibility overload.

While standard “cross-cultural training” programs and off-the-shelf “fact sheets” on particular countries provide value; they do not fully prepare one for the array of personal and professional challenges associated with relocation assignments. Coaching provides a personalized approach that makes it possible for you to rediscover your identity and allow you to engage your healthy sense of curiosity to become a contributing member and leader within your new community and workplace.  

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