Doing Business in Europe

Sullivan Global Consulting is proud to partner with ALAD3 Strategic Consulting for all your needs related to doing business in Europe. ALAD3 Strategic Consulting is a European enterprise specialized in business development and expansion plans for small/middle-sized and big companies.

Our services for non-European companies (mainly located in US, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America) include the development of operative business expansion plans throughout the different European countries.

The different phases that ALAD3 Strategic Consulting support programs include are:

  • Market analysis to select the most adequate country/countries according to the specific products and capacities of our customer.
  • Selection of target markets/customers.
  • Fitting of the corporative image for every selected country and client types including specific company messages/tags, graphic design and layout of a local website if requested.
  • Management of possible entry restrictions/barriers.
  • Listing of requested certificates and support during the certification processes.
  • Establishment of an efficient and accurate distribution network.
  • Development of advertisement/marketing programs according to European tastes and preferences to launch, grow, and consolidate company position in the market.
  • Adaptation of products (aspect, specifications, packaging, design) to the target customer preferences.
  • We work with all type of businesses: industrial, production, services, consumer goods, food, etc.

Our competitive services costs allow for a high return on investment compared to the cost of recruiting and staffing a local team to evaluate, develop and execute a complete program of the aforementioned services.

Contact ALAD3 directly at or visit the ALAD3 website at


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