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Whether you are a small company experiencing rapid growth, an organization in need of revitalization or a firm looking to expand your market reach, Sullivan Global Consulting (SGC) collaborates with you to create a strategy to achieve your objectives. SGC is an international management consulting firm whose mission is to inspire innovation and build sustainable value for your organization and clients.


We focus on facilitating leaders to identify opportunities in the marketplace and assess and develop your assets to not only succeed; but to be an industry leader. We are here to help you achieve these goals through both our consulting and professional and personal coaching services.

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We focus on transforming your organization to maximize profitably and improve client satisfaction by developing a solid organizational foundation and empower high-performing individuals and teams to excel in an inspired working environment. We instill thought leadership in your executive team, giving a distinct competitive advantage since your organization will be able to readily adapt and thrive with constantly changing human, market and environmental forces. SGC approaches each project with a comprehensive analysis and draws upon our diverse experience to craft a customized strategy based on an internal and external audit of your organization and market. Throughout the process, we work with you as partners and collaborate with the various levels within your organization.

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